Core Value

Keeping in view the ultimate priority of Women Empowerment, T.C.L. Govt. P.G. College, Janjgir adheres to following Core Values :-
  • 1. Ethical Values
  • 2. Pursuit for Excellence
  • 3. Personality Development
  • 4. Social Accountability
  • 5. Environmental Awareness
1. Ethical Values :-  It is essential that students imbibe the appropriate values in accordance with social, cultural, economic and environmental realities. Good Character is an essential component of one's identity. Our institute, since its inception has been striving to inculcate Ethical values i.e. honesty, integrity, dedication and devotion in the students of the college.

2. Pursuit for Excellence :-  In the present time the demand for internationally acceptable standards in higher education is required to cater to the needs of the economy, society and the country as a whole, thereby, contributing to the development of the Nation. To attain the Institutional excellence, faculty and staff competency continuous training in all academic and technical programs are done time to time.

3. Personality Development :-  An important motto of the college is to improve student’s personality in all spheres of life i.e. qualities, characteristics, attitudes and quirks, psychological traits, beliefs and motives which make up her identity. The college has continually been organizing various lectures, workshops and various programmes to make a remarkable update in the personality of the students.

4. Social Accountability :-  Although higher education institutions are global centres of learning but it must have a distinct identity, one that speaks to its social and public mission located within a specific and particular national context. Our college is committed for its social responsibilities while working for the social, cultural and, ecological causes.

5. Environmental Awareness :-   Respect the environment, making rational use of natural resources and taking steps to prevent pollution from the different processes involved in our day to day operations and industry. We organize various activities to imbibe environmental consciousness among our students that reflect our commitment towards saving environment